Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1762 Expansion IO

Bulletin 1762 type IO expansion modules suit MicroLogix1100, 1200 and 1400 model PLCs.

  • The MicroLogix 1100 supports up to four 1762 model expansion I/O modules, up to a maximum of 144 digital I/O.
  • The MicroLogix 1200 supports up to six 1762 model expansion I/O modules.
  • The Micrologix 1400 supports up to seven model expansion I/O modules.

1762 IO Module Range


Model NumberDescription
1762-IQ88 Point 24VDC Sink/Source DI
1762-IQ1616 Point 24VDC Sink/Source DI
1762-IQ32T32 Point DI Sinking
1762-IA88 Point DI 120VAC
1762-IQ8OW68 Point DI 6 Point Relay Combo
1762-IF44 Channel Voltage / Current Analog Input
1762-IF2OF22 Channel Analog Input
2 Channel Analog Input Combo
1762-IT44 Channel Thermocouple/mV
1762-IR44 Channel RTD/Resistance


Model NumberDescription
1762-OB88 Point 24VDC Sourcing DO
1762-OA88 Point 120/240V AC Triac DO
1762-OB1616 Point 24VDC Sourcing DC Output
1762-OW88 Point AC/DC Relay Output
1762-OW1616 PointAC/DC Relay Output
1762-OX6I6 PointIsolated Relay Output
1762-OV32T32 Point Solid State 24V DC Sinking DO
1762-OB32T32 Point Solid State 24V DC Sourcing DO
1762-OF44 Channel Voltage / Current Output