SoftLogix PC Based Control

The SoftLogix Bulletin 1789, model 5800 control system version 23 has entered active mature product lifecycle status. While it remains available for sale, no further development will take place in the product, nor accommodations for PC operating system upgrades.

Building a control platform on the Windows OS was never going to be as reliable as a physical controller which could be expected to last 20 years or more. Reasonable reliability could be achieved by spending the bucks on a true industrial PC, but little if any life-cycle cost saving would be achieved. The main benefit of a PC based controller was in specific instances when tight, fast integration with third party PC applications was required. Consequently this product did not gain a large following, and it is no surprise it is being put out to pasture. The Current model ControlLogix controller features an embedded controller, putting the PLC back in charge!

Allen-Bradley SoftLogix

SoftLogix Features

  • Runs on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. (As such, it is very much now a legacy product).
  • Uses the same Studio 5000 environment and Logix control engine as other Logix platforms
  • Provides connection to open networks, including EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, and DeviceNet

Available Models

Controller Series# ControllersMemory per ControllerVirtual Chassis SlotsPhysical PCI Network Modules
1789-L10 SoftLogix12MB32 + 1 EtherNet/IP
1789-L30 SoftLogix264MB55
1789-L60 SoftLogix664MB1616
Comparison table of CompactLogix Series 5370 controllers.