New – CompactLogix 5370 Controllers

1769 model CompactLogixâ„¢ 5370 Controllers are suited to small to medium applications. They introduce the benefits of the ‘Logix’ engine and Integrated Architectureâ„¢ to the space where a MicroLogix controller would traditionally have been selected. Such benefits include User-Defined Data Tables (UDT), Add-On-Instructions (AOI) and NetLinx architecture (EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet). With some models featuring onboard IO, they can operate as a standalone controller.

Other CompactLogix 5370 Features

  • Kinematics Motion Control
  • Device Level Ring (DLR) for network redundancy
  • USB port for firmware downloads and programming
  • Removable SD card for flash memory
  • No battery required
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370

Available Models

Controller SeriesMax. User MemoryMax. I/O PointsI/O Module IntegrationMax. Motion Position AxesAdditional Features
L1512 KB961734 POINT I/O2Embedded power supply and I/O
L21 MB1601769 Compact I/O4Embedded power supply and I/O
Supports universal analog I/O
L33 MB9601769 Compact I/O
16Offer additional features for hazardous environments in No Stored Energy (NSE) model
Comparison table of CompactLogix Series 5370 controllers.