First Choice in Medium-sized Controllers

Featuring the big two essential features of online editing and EtherNet/IP port for programming and peer-to-peer messaging, the MicroLogix 1400 controller is one of the two in the MicroLogix range we recommend. Also featuring a built-in LCD screen for various functions, fast (100kHz) DC inputs and a digital trim pot for setting variable program parameters.

LCD Display and Cursor / Data Entry Buttons

MicroLogix 1400

The selector buttons are a bit dodgy, often requiring multiple presses to get the touch right, but the display is a valuable addition to the unit providing the following functions:

  • display of controller status, I/O status,
  • simple operator messages,
  • entry of configuration data such as network address
  • bit and integer data table manipulation.

Other MicroLogix 1400 Features

  • Datalogging and Recipe Storage
  • Floating Point mathematics capability
  • 6 Fast (100kHz) DC inputs on the base unit for pulse counting from flow meters, encoders etc.
  • Pulse Train Output (PTO) and Pulse Width Modulation for positioning applications.
  • RJ-45 port for EtherNet/IP, DNP3 over IP, and Modbus TCP.
  • Embedded Web Server for displaying data registers in tabular form
  • One RS-232 / RS-485 Combo Port for a range of protocols – DF1, DH-485, Modbus RTU Master/Slave, ASCII, DNP3 Slave.
  • Non-volatile battery backed RAM
  • Embedded Real Time Clock
  • Accessible with both RSLogix500 and RSLogix Micro Programming Software.

MicroLogix 1400 Limitations

  • EtherNet/IP is limited to peer to peer messaging and programming – there is no ability to connect distributed IO such as PointIO or FlexIO over this channel.

Selection Guide

All models feature 20 Digital inputs and 12 Digital outputs in various configurations. Click here for compatible 1762 expansion IO.

ModelPower SupplyInputsOutputs
1766-L32BWA120/240V ACTwelve Fast 24V DC,
Eight Normal 24V DC
Twelve Relay
1766-L32AWA120/240V ACTwenty 120V ACTwelve Relay
1766-L32BXB24V DCTwelve Fast 24V DC,
Eight Normal 24V DC
Six relay,
Three Fast DC,
Three Normal DC
1766-L32BWAA120/240V ACTwelve Fast 24V DC,
Eight Normal 24V DC,
Four Analogue Voltage Inputs
Twelve relay,
Two Analogue Voltage Inputs
1766-L32AWAA120/240V ACTwenty 120V AC
Four Analogue Voltage Inputs
Twelve Relay,
Two Analogue Inputs
1766-L32BXBA24V DCTwelve Fast 24V DC,
Eight Normal 24V DC,
Four Analogue Voltage Inputs
Six relay,
Three Fast DC,
Three Normal DC,
Two Analogue Voltage Outputs