MicroLogix 1100 – First choice in small controllers.

Featuring the big two essential features of online editing and EtherNet/IP port for programming and peer-to-peer messaging, the MicroLogix 1100 controller is one of the two in the range we recommend. The PLC also features a built-in LCD screen for various functions, and a digital trim pot for setting variable program parameters.

MicroLogix 1100 Features

  • Embedded Web Server
  • One RS-232 / RS-485 Combo Port
  • Non-volatile battery backed RAM

LCD Display and Cursor / Data Entry Buttons

The selector buttons are a bit dodgy, often requiring multiple presses to get the touch right, but the display is a valuable addition to the unit providing the following functions:

  • display of controller status, I/O status,
  • simple operator messages,
  • entry of configuration data such as network address (avoiding the need to use BootP / DHCP)
  • bit and integer data table manipulation.

MicroLogix 1100 Selection Guide

All models feature 16 onboard digital inputs – 10 inputs and 6 outputs, and two 0-10V analog inputs. Click here for compatible 1762 expansion IO.

ModelPower SupplyInputsOutputs
1763-L16AWA120/240V acTen 120V acSix relay
1763-L16BWA120/240V acSix 24V dc,
Four fast 24V dc
Six relay
1763-L16BBB24V dcSix 24V dc,
Four fast 24V dc
Two relay,
Two 24V dc FET,
Two fast 24V dc FET
1763-L16DWD12V dc – 24V dcSix 12V dc / 24V dc,
Four fast 12V dc / 24V dc
Six relay